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I'd Like to Ref FAQ

What do I have to do to become a youth soccer official?
Register with the Connecticut State Referee Program (CSRP), complete a certification class, and pass a test.

What does the certification class consist of?
There are online modules reviewing the Laws of the Game and referee conduct and technique, and there is a full-day clinic and review. The test is given at the end of the clinic.

Is the certification test hard?
It's not easy. There are 100 multiple choice questions and attendees must get 75 correct to be certified. While reviewing the online lessons and quizzes more than once is definitely a help, so is printing and reviewing a copy of the Laws of the Game.

What does it cost to complete the certification process?
The CSRP collects a $79 fee for the certification process.


Are there other costs involved?
Certified referees must purchase a uniform and some basic equipment, such as flags, a ref wallet, a watch with a timer, and a whistle. These things could cost $100. Many retailers do offer less expensive starter kits.

How much money will I make as a referee?
While fees vary from club to club, WBYS pays officials between $20 and $45 for U9 to U16 games. The club pays at a higher level for experienced referees at the U19 level.

How many games can I expect to do in a season?
The spring and fall seasons are approximately 10 weeks long. Depending on your schedule, the number of available referees, and your willingness to be an AR and a CR, you could receive 8 to 20 assignments.

Will all my assignments be in Woodbury?
If you wish to register to officiate games for WBYS, you may also receive assignments in Washington, Bridgewater, and Roxbury, as the local assignor assists the Shepaug Soccer Club with scheduleing referees. As an independent contractor, you can seek to do games with any club or in any tournament.


Do first-year officials receive center assignments?
Based on playing experience and age, a first-year official might be assigned as a center ref. Typically, though, through WBYS, first-year refs do only U9 and U10 games as an AR.

What assignments do second-year refs receive?
Second year refs do U9, U10, and U11 games and may receive a couple of U9 center assignments. Older second year refs may also begin to receive AR assignments for games on the large field.

Are there any other opportunities?
As a certified official, you may receive emails regarding chances to officiate at tournaments around the state. Generally, you must be at least a second-year ref to receive AR assignments for these tournaments. Since the games at these tournaments are shorter, the pay per game is usually less, However, tourney officials like referees to commit to 4-hour time blocks, which could mean 4 to 5 assignments.

Do I have to recertify each year?
In the late summer, the CSRP begins its recertification process. It costs approximately $35 and includes an online test, which takers must pass with a 78. As a certified official, you will receive email notification and reminders regarding the recertification process.



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