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Background Checks Required

As important as our volunteer coaches, managers and commissioners are to the WBYS, the safety of all kids in our program is of even greater importance. Therefore, WBYS strictly adheres to the parent volunteer requirements mandated by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). These mandatory volunteer requirements include maintaining membership in the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) for all coaches and assistant coaches and completing the CJSA background check for all volunteers.

As of January 1, 2010, the CJSA instituted a new mandatory online background check procedure for all youth soccer volunteers 18 years or older. Therefore, all WBYS Rec and Travel volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, managers, and volunteers) are required to complete this background check, even if you have previously completed a written background check for previous volunteer positions.

To complete the online background check, please go to the "CJSA Background Check" and follow the prompts. CJSA contracts with ChoicePoint, a LexisNexis Company, to conduct the online background checks. Information regarding privacy and security concerns may be found on the CJSA Web site as you go through the process (before you enter personal information), or by contacting the CJSA directly at 860-676-1161.

Be sure to choose WBYS when prompted to select your organization. The organizations are not listed alphabetically and you will need to scroll down to locate WBYS. If you do not register under WBYS, WBYS will not receive confirmation of your background clearance. The background check takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete, is free to all WBYS volunteers, and the background clearance is good for 3 years.

WBYS is notified monthly by the CJSA of those individuals who have successfully completed the check. If there is an issue with your background check, you will be notified directly and confidentially by the CJSA Director of Risk Management.

No individual will be allowed to serve in a WBYS volunteer position unless, and until, the WBYS receives notice that it has been successfully completed. Therefore, please do not delay in completing this task.

The WBYS appreciates the assistance of all our volunteers in helping to ensure the continued safety of all kids in our program.