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Frequently Asked Registration Questions

Q: We missed registration, can we still register?
After Walk-In registration is over the Soccer Board meets and begins assigning players to teams. Registration forms may still be turned in to the club for a limited time, but the Soccer Board determines when teams are filled and when forms can no longer be accepted. The sooner you turn in a form the better because once the Board determines teams are complete, forms will be returned.

Q: When does the program start and how long does it last?
The fall program begins the first weekend in September and runs until the middle of November for the Travel Teams: U 9 through U 14, which is third grade through eighth grade. The fall program usually starts the second weekend in September and runs until the first weekend in November for the In House Teams: U 6 through U 8, which is kindergarten through second grade.

The spring program begins the first weekend in April and runs until the middle of June for the Travel Teams. The spring program usually starts the middle of April and runs until the second weekend in June for the In House Teams.

Q: What days of the week are practices held?
Kindergartners (U 6) meet only on Saturday mornings. First and second graders (U 7 & U 8) meet on Saturday mornings and one additional evening per week. The evening during the week is usually Tuesday or Wednesday. Grades third through eighth ( U 9 through U 14) meet twice a week to practice (the evenings during the week are the coach's choice) and play a scheduled game on Saturdays.

Q: How old does my child have to be in order to register him/her?
Woodbury Bethlehem Youth Soccer will allow a child turning five by December 31st of that year to register for the fall program. For the spring program, Woodbury Bethlehem Youth Soccer will register a child who will turn five by April 1st of that year.

Q: Why is a copy of my child's birth certificate required at registration?
When you register your child for the first time in Woodbury Bethlehem Youth Soccer a copy of his/her birth certificate is required to verify your child's name and birth date. It will be retained, so make certain that you provide only a COPY. Please feel free to blacken out any and all social security numbers and parents' birth dates. This information is not used nor required.

Q: We changed our mind about playing soccer, can I have the registration fee refunded?
As long as Woodbury Bethlehem Youth Soccer can place your child on a team the registration fee is not refunded. This policy guarantees the maximum number of children who wish to play are given an opportunity to register and be placed on teams.

Q: When will I hear from my child's coach about which team he/she has been placed on?
As soon as that information is available the Soccer Board notifies the coaches and asks that they, in turn, call their list of players. However, the club is a completely volunteer run organization, and occasionally that information will not get to you until a week prior to the start of the program. We ask for your patience and understanding.